Texas Lawyer Referral Service

The Texas Lawyer Referral Service, or TxLRS, helps to ensure that all Texans can get access to a qualified lawyer. They offer FREE service for people needing a lawyer.

Certified by the State Bar of Texas. There are many situations where hiring a lawyer is in your best interests. Chances are if you think you might need a lawyer, it’s a good idea to at least contact one to see if he or she can help. If you feel that you can’t afford a lawyer, TxLRS has a program that may help you. The Texas Lawyer Referral Service is a non-profit community service program.

Child First Always

The charter of the Children First Always program is to provide education and educational resources related to parenting and healthy family dynamics to all Texans, especially to low-income Texas families.

The America Family Law Center, through the Children First Always program, works collaboratively with churches, facilitates parenting focused programs in schools, helps to conduct parenting classes, helps to educate teenage youth on the importance of good decisions and engages in various public interest projects regarding children. The Muffins for Moms and Donuts for Dads programs are offered to members of the school parent population and focuses on parenting school-age children. Teen programs are championed by the Texas Attorney General’s office, Family Initiatives division, and focuses largely on teaching teenagers to make responsible decisions and to understand the impact of those decisions. The church outreach brings various resources to members of the church in a comfortable and familiar environment.


The charter of Texas Volunteer Attorneys is to encourage and facilitate attorneys, through volunteerism, to provide access to legal resources and education related to legal issues to all Texans, specifically low-income Texans and Texas families.

The America Family Law Center, through the Volunteer Attorneys program, strives to make lawyer resources available to members of the general public, particularly low-income and at-risk families, at no or little cost. The Volunteer Attorneys program facilitates to help make volunteer lawyers available to consult with people in the form of a legal aid clinic. The lawyers volunteer their time and expertise as a public service and to help fulfill expectations of the State Bar of Texas and to help their community. These services include face-to-face consultations with an attorney facilitated by the America Family Law Center, and a Family Law Hotline where anyone can call and ask an attorney family law related questions. The organization hopes to soon resume its long-standing family law call-in radio talk show.

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